The services we offer encompasses the following:

1. Collect and deposit rents and additional rents from tenants.

2. Pay expenses, manage properties’ finances by keeping accurate records and accounting and maintaining low budget for expenses.

3. Report the properties’ financial status, occupancy and expiring leases to property owners.

4. Inspect properties and tenant’s spaces on regular basis, upkeep the properties in good condition, arrange repairs when necessary, and take care emergency calls.

5.Market and show vacant spaces, negotiate lease terms, fill up the building(s) with the right and qualified tenants.

6. Provide marketing information and property evaluation to owners, help owners to achieve the maximum returns to their investment.

7. Follow government laws and regulations and ensure that tenants follow the laws and lease requirements.

8. Investigate and resolve tenant’s complaints, take care any building violations or fines. Manage tenant’s relationship and ensure tenants can have quiet enjoyment in the building.

9. Coordinate with legal team for tenant eviction when tenant is in default.

10. Help tenants for lease renewal , extension and or expansion.

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